Prices and surcharges

All prices that we advertise are correct at the date published and prices on our websites are updated regularly. Although we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the Website information and prices, we cannot guarantee it and we, therefore, reserve the right to change advertised prices at any time and to correct any errors in advertised and confirmed prices. Prices are obtained from suppliers in advance and may have changed by the time you come to book your trip; before you confirm your booking, we will give you the up-to-date price of your chosen tour including the cost of any supplements, upgrades or additional facilities which you have requested.
Our tour prices are based on the costs of transport, accommodation, etc. On the 1st September 2018, the rates were as follows: Euro1.1 

Adult and Student Prices
We endeavour that student prices will be applicable to pupils up to the age of 18 years of age however, student ages and prices remain at the discretion of the individual supplier; we reserve the right to pass adult and student prices to you as we are charged. If your party consists of students over 18 years of age, please advise us at the initial enquiry stage because an adult supplement is applicable for clients over 18 years of age at time of travel. Additional adults in excess of the free places offered can normally be accepted at a supplement charge quoted by our office.

Local Taxes
Please be aware that many European cities are introducing a city tax that is payable on arrival at to your hotel. These taxes have been introduced by local governments to improve tourist infrastructure within the cities. Please ask your sales specialist for further information on your destination.

Flight Prices
Some airlines will request the full payment for flights at confirmation stage; whilst we endeavour that your payment will cover this amount, we may have to request further payment to guarantee your flights.

Should your flights be available to book when confirming your tour, we are unable to book these until your deposits have cleared in our account and a passenger list is received. Flight prices may change within this period and therefore, at this time, we will reconfirm your tour price.
If your flights are not on sale when confirming your trip, we will give you an estimate price. Flights and flight prices are subject to change and when these become available, we will reconfirm your tour price.

Once the final price of your arrangements has been confirmed, no amendment will be made to it unless it is to make a correction to an error, or if our costs change as a result of an increase or decrease in transportation costs or dues, taxes or fees payable for services such as landing taxes or embarkation or disembarkation fees at ports or airports or as a result of any changes in the exchange rates which have been used to calculate the cost of your arrangements. Only if the amount of the increase in our costs exceeds 2% of the total cost of your arrangements (excluding insurance premiums and amendment charges), will we make an additional charge. Please note, there will be an administration charge of £1 per person.

If any additional charge is greater than 10% of the cost of your arrangements (excluding insurance premiums and any amendment charges), you will be entitled to choose one of options (a), (b) and (c) as set out in clause 8. If you do not inform us of your choice within 14 days from the issue date printed on our additional charge invoice, we are entitled to assume that you will pay the additional charge. Any additional charge must be paid with the balance of the cost of the arrangements or within 14 days of the issue date printed on the additional charge invoice, whichever is the later. We will not levy an additional charge nor make a refund within 30 days of departure.

Should the price of your Tour go down due to the changes mentioned above, by more than 2% of your Tour cost, then any refund due will be paid to you. However, please note that travel arrangements are not always purchased in local currency and some apparent changes have no impact on the price of your travel due to contractual and other protection in place.